A fresh start

I find it oddly funny that when I have the least amount of time to get things done, I seem to be the most productive with things that really aren't pertinent to the things that are urgently due within the next few hours, and I've been finding this especially true over the last few days.

Yes, I have finally gotten sick of the old cheesy Tuxation site, and now have rewritten the core from scratch. Previously using a stripped down Drupal as a content management system, I realized that far too much server resources and time was wasted on a system which was barely being utilized. In the effort to both make the website more accessible and to cut down server costs for me, I've written my own minimalistic content management system in python. It's extremely fast as you no doubt have noticed, it's very extensible, and it was a lot of fun for me to write. The best part of it is, I'm hopefully going to be releasing the source code for it when I find the time (again, metaphorically speaking. When I actually get it done it will be done at the worst possible time in my life in terms of busyness. :-)

Please have patience while I iron out the bugs in this new design, although hopefully there shouldn't be too many, and I hope you like the design. Any feedback on any part of the site is welcome, please send it to:

john [at] tuxation.com.

Thanks for listening.